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Join our two-years trainee program

Danfoss Drives has designed a tailored program for trainees who want to develop professionally and personally in Sales as well as in an international company with more than 37,000 colleagues worldwide. We are growing both within the core industries we serve as well as in many new areas related to the green transition such as electrification, energy storage and more. 

With our Sales Trainee Program we want to enable you to work in different sales functions, shadowing our service technicians and collaborate with our local and global teams. 

You will be given the opportunity to take ownership from an early stage onward once you have acquired all necessary skills for this development stage and once you feel ready. After twelve months, we will have a check in and assess your career progression to start your further career planning.

    Why should you join as Sales Trainee in Danfoss Drives?

    As part of our team, you will be able to guide customers to sustainable solutions in storage, charger and hydrogen as well as marine & offshore applications.

    If frequency converters were used for speed control wherever it makes sense in applications and facilities, this alone would save 8% of the world's energy demand.

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    When you join Danfoss, you will join a culture which values, trusts, and respects your voice as a team member. Although we sometimes fail, we learn from our mistakes and come back even stronger.

    After an introduction period, you will be capable of managing your own customers, and making a difference in energy savings. We will put our trust in you from day one – and in return, we hope that you will feel the same way about us.

    At Danfoss we are keen to foster results and invest in planning and shaping the future. In our teams we stay curious, are ambitious and have a passion for learning new things.

    At Danfoss

    • We have frontline passion
    • We run the business like our own and
    • We think Danfoss and live up to our values


    Meet potential new colleagues

    Program milestones

    Intensive onboarding and trainings

    When joining Danfoss Drives as a sales trainee, you will have a global DDS onboarding at our headquarter in Denmark, as well as with your local sales team. In frequent intervals, there will be check-ins where you and your manager will discuss your further career planning and areas in which you want to develop more in-depth skills and competencies. You will receive extensive training on relevant Danfoss Drives products as well.


    When applying to the Sales Trainee Program you have the choice between joining our team in Germany or the Netherlands. However, one thing that they all have in common is a commitment to your growth. As you will move from co-visits to managing your own customer accounts and budget there will be lots of opportunities to interact with teams from all over the world. In fact, almost all teams in Danfoss are international. You will always become part of a diverse working environment regardless of the country you will be located in.


    Upon starting your journey with us, you will be matched with an experienced colleague acting as your personal mentor. Your mentor will support you throughout the entire program and frequently touch base with you to see how you are doing and discuss anything that might come up on your end. This person will be your always-go-to-person for any concerns or matters that might need more attention. Your mentor will try to provide you the best possible guidance for your experience as a trainee.

    Be part of the green restart and build a sustainable future at Danfoss 

    The Green Restart is an initiative from Danfoss showcasing how we can accelerate the pace of economic recovery and generate sustainable growth, by working together towards a decarbonized future. One element of this are the modern and highly efficient frequency converters from Danfoss Drives, which contribute to a high degree of energy savings in building technology, industry and commerce. In particular, the new focus on electrification and better use of hybrid supply systems also contributes to more sustainable production and supply.

    Explore Danfoss at a glance

    In 1968 Danfoss was the first company to mass-produce AC drives

    Since then, we have been a forerunner in drives technology and digital solutions that enable customers to thrive in a world that is rapidly changing. Today we provide the largest portfolio of variable speed drives to our customers, offering by this the possibility to optimize plants, production lines, building technology and efficiency in marine and offshore industry.

    Danfoss Drives thus fits seamlessly into the broad range of solutions offered by the Danfoss Group, with an increasing focus on cross-divisional solutions, e.g. in the field of industrial cooling or building automation. By 2025, 5 billion people will benefit directly or indirectly from Danfoss solutions.

    For example: Production lines and breweries across the globe use our smooth drives solution to improve energy efficiency

    We are currently not offering new Sales Trainee positions. You are welcome to search our job portal for other student or entry positions!

    Do you need help with your application? From application to signed contract: Here is how it works.

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